Privacy & Security

We will keep your personal data secure and private

We do everything to really keep your personal data secure and private!

When you order something from us, you obviously do not want other people to have acces to your private data. Infinity Wax Europe's  privacy policy always has been and always will be that we don't share any personal or company data with third parties if not absolutely necessary.

In order to offer our customers the best possible customer service we do ask for information from you so that we can provide you with the best help and customer service. In below overview you will find more details about the kind of information that we ask and for which purposes we need this information. You can also read what your rights are, who has access to your data and how long we store your data.

More information?

If you would like to know more about our privacy policy - for example where your data is stored or who have access to your data - then you can read in more details how we use your personal data throughout various business processes.

When you place an order at or via a purchase order we do need your data for below purposes:

  • To process your order in our administration

  • To make an invoice for your ordered items

  • To make sure that your order will be shipped to the address which you have inputted

  • In case our customer service needs to contact you about the status of your order, or to inform you about product availability

Which information do we require?

Your company name (if applicable), first name and family name

         This is information is required to to be inputted on your invoice.

Your address detail, such as street name and number, postal code, city and country

        These details need to be included on the invoice and are required for shipping your order to you.

Your phone number

        Your phone number will mainly be used by our customer service if we urgently need to update you about the status of your order or shipment.

        Your phone number will also be included on the shipping label in case the respective shipping company needs to contact you about making the delivery of your order.

Your email address

        You will receive an email about the status of your order and to receive your invoice and tracking information.

Payment details and invoicing

        Your payment data will be encrypted during the order process using SSL encryption technology.

        Online payments are being processed by our payment service provider MOLLIE. When paying with credit card, PayPal, iDeal, or other online payment options
        offered, your details will be sent directly from our SSL technology encrypted environment to MOLLIE.

        If you choose to pay via a bank transfer then this information will only be used to reconcile the payment received with the outstanding invoice for your order.
        Furthermore we will only use your bank account details in case we have to make a payment or refund to you.

        Our invoices contain the following data: Company name and VAT number (if applicable), first name, family name, invoicing address details, shipping address details,
        invoice number, and order number.

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