Air Freshener inspired by Creed -250ml Limited Edition

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Sale! Air Freshener inspired by Creed -250ml Limited Edition Expand

It's finally here! Our first Limited Edition enhanced air freshener inspired by the famous Aventus fragrance for men by Creed. 

Do not spray on (artificial) leather surfaces!

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The new enhanced formula is an all new alcohol based product which slowly releases fragrance over 5-10 days, is skin safe and also allows a more profiled fragrance. What do we mean by that? Well the water based formula was great for an intense blast of freshness, the enhanced product actually changes over time to allow for top and base note fragrances to be present. This is especially important when producing designer fragrance blends as it gives a much more familiar and well rounded scent. 

What Does Aventus Smell Like?

Aventus is a masterpiece.  

It opens with a strong blast of pineapple.  Its juicy sharpness is accompanied by bergamot and fresh apple, which gives even more tartness to the composition.

After the first fruity blast, you might detect a smoky note creeping in.  This is the birch, which stays sharp but adds some solidity and anchor to the composition.  I particularly enjoy this note because of its unusual character in modern compositions, especially when transposed on the background of pineapple.​

Sensual, audacious and contemporary, this rich and iconic Eau de Parfum combines tantalising fruity head notes of Calville Blanc apple, blackcurrant, pineapple and Italian bergamot with complementary fresh and floral jasmine blossom, birch, juniper berries and patchouli. Rounding off this bold and elegant fragrance is the woody base notes of musk, oakmoss and a touch of vanilla. The sophistication of Aventus celebrates strength, power, success and heritage - perfect for the discerning gentleman.

Aventus remains mostly linear after the initial fruit blast.  The smoky notes remains until the dry-down and it is joined on stage by an oak moss accord giving more earthiness to the composition. I particularly enjoy the vanilla accord that emerges towards the dry-down.  The creamy sweetness of the vanilla gives a nice balance to the oak moss and birch.​

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