TURBO6 Carnauba SiO2 Hybrid Cream Sealant 250ml

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TURBO6 Carnauba SiO2 Hybrid Cream Sealant 250ml Expand

The ultimate all in one product! Turbo6 Si02/Carnauba based sealant!

  • Fill paintwork defects
  • Enhance gloss
  • Seal your paintwork for up to 6 months
  • Built in Carnauba gives a just waxed finish simultaneously
  • Mind Blowing water beading and sheeting!

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TURBO6 cleans minor bonded contamination, enhances gloss and shine whilst also sealing the paintwork, leaving a highly durable perfect finish.

Hand application
Apply 2 or 3 pea size drops to a soft foam or microfiber pad and dab onto several areas of the panel you are working on. Begin te spread evenly in overlapping circular motions until the panel is completely covered with a thin layer of product. Allow up to 5 minutes to cure before removing wit a clean dry microfiber towel.

Machine application
Begin by seasoning your soft finishing pad wit a single spray of water. Apply 3 pea size drops of TURBO6 to the pad and dab the glaze on several areas of the body panel. Set your machine to its slowest speed and begin to gently guide the machine in overlapping straight lines, using no pressure. Allow up to 5 minutes to cure before removing with a soft dry microfiber towel.

Safety Information
For use on automotive paintwork applications only
Do not use on vehicle interior
Apply TURBO6 in a well ventilated, preferably dust free, environment
Always wear gloves when using chemicals and avoid contact with bare skin
If irritation develops when using TURBO6, stop immediately and wash the effected area with plenty of cold water an introduce gentle scrubbing.
TURBO6 may cause irritation to eyes. If TURBO6 encounters eyes, rinse thorougly with eye wash.

Keep out of reach of children
If swallowed, contact your local emergency services and do not induce vomiting.

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